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Unlocking the Word

Our Bible Study group meets fortnightly, on Wednesdays at 10 am in the Session House.  Join us for an informal and relaxed forum in which to deepen our understanding of the Bible's relevance to our daily life and work.

Members of the group agree among themselves the topics of their meetings.  We almost always have appropriate seasonal topics such as an Advent or Lent programme.  Sometimes a thematic topic such as Christian forgiveness or the miracles of Jesus is chosen.  And sometimes a book of the Bible is selected, most recently Ecclesiastes.


The group provides a supportive environment where members can develop the confidence to examine, question and talk freely about the Christian faith and the relationship of the Bible to their daily lives.


No prior theological knowledge is required, only an open and enquiring mind.  All are welcome.

Latest news

  • November 2021: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions, we are still unable to meet for the time being.  We look forward to meeting again when it if safe to do so.

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