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  • Matthew Ritchie

From The Whale To The Moon

Have you ever been somewhere so remote that you were not sure if anybody had ever been there before? maybe its a forest, or half way up a hill, or maybe you have a pilots licence or are a sailer. Have you ever been somewhere and realised you have no phone service, no internet, no radio and no car? If you have you will know that its a lonely place to be, and can be scary. If nobody can hear you then how can you get help. this week I have been looking at three people who have been in that situation, remote, too far from help and with things going wrong.

This weekend has been the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and there have been a great many interesting programs on the TV and online. It goes without saying that I have not left the sofa all week. one of the interesting things about the Apollo 11 flight is that it was by a long way not a sure thing indeed when on the moon it was found that a vital circuit breaker had broken and that without it, Neil and Buzz would be stuck. fortunately some clever minds and a ballpoint pen were enough to fix it. I wonder though how much that faulty switch prayed on there minds? if it was me it would be a lot.

The other person I have been looking at is Jonah, stuck in the belly of the whale he thought he might die there, stuck and alone far away from help. Over the last three weeks in StJ's we have been looking at Prayer and both those stories concern prayer. the first thing that Buzz Aldrin did on the moon was pray, and the last thing Jonah did was pray. both of them were remote and both were far from help, but both made it home. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 we are told to pray in all circumstances and this week thats been on my mind, I don't know what all of you have been through and I don't know where you are but If God can hear Jonah in the belly of the whale, or Buzz on the moon then surely he will hear your's

Grace and Peace


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